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So I was riding to work the other day and I smelled what I thought was a wood burning or something in my neighborhood. The smell got stronger as I went along and as I was going through a toll and stopping for traffic I look down and see smoke coming from underneath me. I jump off and there are flames coming out from under the seat. I reach in and pull out some freakin trash that someone had jammed in there. Some of those junkmail coupon newspaper things that come with the mail. I was able to get it out but it's a little charred in there and some of the plastic melted. I'm a little worried that something might have been damaged and I'm a little afraid to ride it. I was able to get to work and home just fine but I'm pretty bothered about it. Also, should the engine get that hot as to ignite paper after riding for 5 minutes? I had just accelerated pretty hard and that's when the thing got really hot. The attached pic isn't mine but I can get better pics when I get home. The red circle area is where the papers were and the yellow line is where the plastic is kind of melted.


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