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Yet another DIY windscreen

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Here's my take on the winscreen thingy. I took the easy route and basically gathered stuff around and really didn't manufacture anything.

So from beginning I knew I wanted to try oval number plate as windscreen. Ordered one from eBay (13€).

The brackets was another consideration. I had some shear hangers or joist brackets (terminology goes above my knowledge of English language, sorry - picture included). One of these is worth something like 3€ so still on the cheap. Just some cutting and grinding. The one I used could have been longer, but as that was what was in garage so I went with it for the mock-up.

Next up a cardboard mock-up to cut the slot for the headlight. Had some carbon fiber around so I even added the numbers on the plate.
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Love it! Did you see my version with the square number board? It really makes a big difference :)
Yes Nick, I saw your screen. I was thinking about same type of brackets like you have but like I said, happened to have almost ready brackets ála Dart(?) and took that route. Sad thing is that due to circumstances the next ride I'll get is next week.. :(
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that's exactly what I'm going to do, still waiting for my plate number coming from ebay :)
Clever, clever!

that little numberplate is actually pretty impressive windshield. Directs the wind just on my shoulders/helmet, makes a lot more comfortable ride on the highways.
I found this item by Rizoma: BMW Rizoma Aluminum Headlight Fairing for R nineT

It's aluminum, available in natural silver or black. Wondering if I could adapt some brackets for my Scrambler. Any thoughts or experience with this?
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I don't have any experience with this screen, and I'm still waiting for my scrambler to arrive, but I've put screens on a few different bikes and found it pretty easy to fab or adapt brackets. I actually like this screen better than the other options that I've seen out there.
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Welcome Skulls, and thanks for your input. And congratulations on your purchase!
Yes, Welcome along Skulls, good to have you with us :)
Nice find. That will look awesome! ! Main thing I would be concerned with is headlight diameter. The rest should be easy.
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Nice find. That will look awesome! ! Main thing I would be concerned with is headlight diameter. The rest should be easy.
I think the headlights are both 7 inches? Or else the Beemer's 8. Should work in either case.
Buy the Dart screen and use the Adapters from that.
Buy the Dart screen and use the Adapters from that.
Maybe, could be a starting point, they'd no doubt need to bend a little and get new holes drilled.

I'm still trying to decide if I want even a tiny fly screen at all.
That looks good, I like my Dart screen as it makes a huge difference to the wind resistance on my body and allows me to go a lot faster on dual carriageways/motorways without feeling I'm going to be blown off the back. But the wind is deflected to my head area and while I don't 'feel' it as such, the turbulence produces a lot of wind noise and I now have permanent tinnitus!! :confused:. I HAVE to wear earplugs but even so the damage is done :(.
GUESS WHAAAAATTTT????? View attachment 3519
Thanks for posting this, I'm looking forward to seeing Rizoma's entire accessory line, why does the picture have to fade to black????!
Nutty Nick,

Could you post a picture of your front number board you made? Can't find it on here anywhere

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