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Yet another white Ducati Scrambler

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I love white bikes. There's something so elegant and striking about going black-and-white with a motorcycle. That was always the plan for my Scrambler, and slowly but surely it's getting there.

Farkles added:

SB JRi rear shock
Scrambler pegs
Doubletake mirrors
White vinyl wrapped fender and tank
CF vinyl tank panels
Ducati Comfort seat
Dart screen
Instrument panel bezel
Urban Enduro stickers for tank panel
Barkbuster aluminum protectors with Storm guards

I am REALLY digging this bike, it looks completely different than the stock Icon I had originally. It's finally getting to where I mentally want it!! :D
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Nice... remove the stickers from the frame and it will be superb!
Good looking. Does the vinyl hold up to the occasional gasoline drips?
Thanks, I'm really digging the whole look now, and lol yes those stickers need to go. :p As for the gasoline and vinyl, I haven't had any major spills yet so am not sure, but I'll be sure to clean them as fast as I can when they do occur. I'm usually (*knocks on wood*) pretty good about keeping it in the tank but know that gas reacts badly to just about everything, and with white I reeeeeeeeally don't want any discolorations.

After a bit of time with the DoubleTake Enduro mirrors, I'm not all that keen on them for long-term usage. On bumpy roads or high speeds where they get a lot of wind, they tend to move around and can be a pain to always fix back to proper viewing area. I may try the DT Adventure mirrors, which are larger/wider, since I love the full adjustability I have with these. ;)
Wow, that's sharp!

Welcome to the forum Jilly, Good to have you along, :)

The comfort seat is an option from Ducati,
What Elvisto said, it's a Ducati item for the Scrambler. Much nicer than the stock Icon seat that's for sure! Several people have cut out the plastic hump underneath that holds the toolkit and say that makes it perfect, but I'll probably keep it as is. ;)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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