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You've had a lot of time on your bike - still think the throttle is "snatchy"?

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Just curious for those who initially thought the throttle was snatchy and didn't modify the bike - do you still think it is now that you've had a lot of time on it? This being my first bike, I didn't have much to compare to. The behavior of the bike is the way I know how to ride. I'm not even sure if my bike has one of the snatchy throttles.
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well, I was afraid since too many experienced riders here were saying that... so I thought It was not the bike for a novice... but like the poster says I am not even sure if my bike has a snatchy throttle since I got nothing else to compare

I like the response I got from mine... when learning had two bikes where you have to roll the throttle too much for my taste at that time...so happy with this one
I'm a new rider as well and had a similar experience. I tried my friend Monster 821 in 'Urban Mode' for comparison and much preferred the throttle response in my Scrambler. Mind you, I haven't tried off-road yet.
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