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I figured I'd start a thread to share my thoughts on the various gear I've purchased or acquired since purchasing my bike.

Dainese Mike Pelle

The first thing I'll start with is the essential - a riding jacket. A bunch of factors went into my decision to purchase this specific jacket but the two most important being protection and style.

Flexible "Pro Shape" CE (EN1621-1) armor for the shoulder and elbow is comfortable and has a "barely there" feel to it. There's a back pocket for a G1 (female) or G2 (male) back protector to slide in (sold separately).

The leather itself is insanely soft and supple. The micro-climate lining keeps temperatures inside the Jacket under control. Even though the jacket itself is 100% wind blocking and doesn't have vents temperatures remain tolerable mid-summer. See below for Dainese's application guide for this jacket:
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Fit is comfortable, I went with a size smaller than I thought I needed because I wanted to make sure it hugged me really nicely and all the armor stayed where it should. I'm 5'11", 165lbs with a more European body (slim torso/chest) and I'm wearing a European size 48. The 50 was very comfortable but had enough play in the chest that it felt a bit "baggy".

I've worn the jacket in 50*F-95*F weather with no issues. It's extremely versatile and the wind blocking is perfect, especially for those chilly mornings.

I have also purchased the Dainese Protection and Cleaning Kit. It works great getting the jacket clean and leaves it even softer than new when you condition it.

In summary, it's a super soft high quality leather that looks great and helps to keep you both cool and warm with its "micro-climate" lining. It's a great jacket and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking in that price range.


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